Birthday Presents And Presents For Women In Their Twenties

No matter who youre buying the presents for, whether its a relative, friend or work colleague, if youre looking for presents for women in their twenties you do need to put a bit of thought and preparation into them. All adults continue to experience change and personal growth throughout their early twenties, and the tastes and interests she had at 21 may not be the same as the tastes she has now at an older age. The birthday presents that you give to her at this age should reflect her individuality and personality, as well as taking into account the type of lifestyle that she has paved out and leads.

Presents for Young Adults
If youre looking for presents for women in their early twenties, remember that the recipient is still a young adult and is probably either attending a university or college course or is just starting out in her chosen career. More meaningful gifts that celebrate this important turning point in her age are always appreciated, but if you dont know her well enough to get her a gift of this kind you need to think about getting her birthday presents that are comprised of something functional and stylish. Popular examples such as a leather satchel or handbag, or a personalised academic diary will come in very useful for her and are always nice to receive. At her age shes also no doubt heavily reliant on her Smartphone or laptop to go about her day, so gadgets and technology-themed items also make suitable birthday presents for women in their early twenties.

Presents for Mid Twenties
Women in their mid-twenties are typically well on their way to paving out their ideal future, and have a much more defined sense of style and individuality, but still enjoy the good times. If youre looking for birthday presents for women in their mid-twenties, focus your search on something that still has a fun element despite being appropriate for an adult. Popular presents for women at this age include perfume; entertainment-themed gifts such as DVDs or film subscriptions and also gifts that are little more adventurous such as experience days and trips to the theatre.

Presents for Late Twenties
A women who is in her late twenties is usually progressing well in her career, and considering those major life choices such as starting a family or purchasing her first home. Although a financial gift is likely to be vastly appreciated by women at this age, its not always appropriate to give gifts like that depending on who youre getting the birthday presents for. One way that you can get something useful for her that will still be enjoyable for her to receive is to think about the important decisions that shes making and theme the presents according to that. If, for example, she is about to embark on career advancement, some new clothes or work accessories that reflect her position may be the ideal gift. Similarly, if she is about to purchase her first house or flat, some gifts that she can use to furnish or personalise her new home will be both appreciated and functional to receive.

Bowdoin College Is A Nationally Renowned School That Prepares Students To Succeed In Life

Are you a high school senior contemplating your educational future? It can be a difficult time, with all the changes taking place in your life. Deciding whether or not to pursue a higher education is an important decision, and is one that shouldnt be taken lightly. There are some incredible benefits that you can enjoy should you eventually decide to attend college. A higher education is an incredibly valuable tool that can help you throughout your life. It can grant you the skills necessary to succeed in todays ever changing world. If you want to get ahead in life, Bowdoin College can help you achieve your goals. Bowdoin College is the only choice for higher education in the great state of Maine. We are a liberal arts school with national recognition. Were large enough to attract high profile faculty members, but small enough to retain that small town feel that makes the Bowdoin College experience unparalleled on the east coast. Our curriculum is created from years of experience in the educational field, and we channel our decades of knowledge on in classroom know how into creating the most comprehensive liberal arts education in the United States.

Whatever your field of study, Bowdoin College has got you covered. All of our academic departments are unrivaled in their scope, breadth, and quality. From sixteenth century French literature to modern journalism, all of our majors are of the utmost in quality. Our curriculum has been consistently rated by several different publications as being among the highest and strongest in the nation. Our reputation comes from the success of our alumni. Captains of industry, pioneers in science and technology, business leaders, local and national politicians, renowned authors and poets, as well as accomplished musicians and artists have all called Bowdoin College home. Our reputation as a titan in the field of higher education gives our alumni that crucial first step in getting their foot in the door. Employers hear the name Bowdoin College, and are more likely to consider that candidate for employment because they know Bowdoin Colleges commitment to excellence.

The Bowdoin college is not only limited to academics. We advocate a well-rounded educational experience in order that we might create well-rounded individuals. We offer many extracurricular activities that cater to the myriad of interests and hobbies that permeate our student body. We have on-campus student groups that help incoming freshmen and Bowdoin College feel at home. Our sports teams are incredibly competitive, sharing that spirit of excellence that is common to all aspects of Bowdoin College. We have basketball, baseball, football, softball, swimming, diving, track and field, badminton, field hockey, and lacrosse teams, or student groups that hold annual open try outs. We also have recreational sports that focus more on the community and team building aspects of sport. If by some chance we dont currently offer a particular sport, we encourage interested students to create a student group for that particular endeavor. In this way, Bowdoin College encourages an entrepreneurial spirit in our students that can only help them later in life.

Blue Ridge Community College

Blue Ridge Community College Virginia

Established in the year 1967 the Blue Ridge Community College , a community college in Virginia has been providing educational services for the residents of central Shenandoah Valley for the last 43 years. As a part of the Virginia community college system, the BRCC serves people of Harrisonburg , Waynesboro , Staunton , Virginia , Augusta , Highland , and Rockingham.

Campus Features

Main campus of BRCC is located between interstate 81 and US route 11 outside the Weyers cave. Two other off campuses, namely, Harrisonburg center in 1997 and Augusta Center in 2003 have been added to the main campus that has twelve buildings.

Brief History

Since its establishment in 1967 the college has become a staple for education in the Shenandoah Valley filling a void in the educational scheme in the area. Student strength of 908 in 1967 has now increased to 85,000. Initiated with only three including the Armstrong Hall, and A, D, and E buildings, the college today has as many as twelve well accomplished building. Tuition for full time 12 credits per semester that is for two semesters for students has enhanced to $1867.20 from $135 per year that was prevalent in 1967.

Programs Offered

With a comprehensive program including associated degrees, diplomas, certificates and vocational training, Blue Ridge Community College also supports university transfer programs. In addition the college provides for non-credit workforce training as well as special interest classes for the individuals, businessmen, and industrial people. Besides degrees in a host of disciplines the university also offers diploma and certifications in 20 other disciplines.


Blue Ridge Community College is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission to award associate degrees. List of the 23 accredited colleges under the Virginia community college system is available in their college directory .


A high school diploma or GED and additionally taking either the SAT or the BRCC College Preparedness test is necessary to get admission in the degree course of the college. Moreover the college may require transcripts of prior coursework done. In case students are unable to supply the transcripts, they must submit scores from the ACT test. Some of the technical programs have additional requirements that could be learnt by contracting the college or logging on to their website. Students can apply using the general community college application form available in all universities online.

Financial Grants
Financial grants are available in form of loans, grants, and scholarships for the students. In case of loan the repayment starts only after graduation is completed. Terms and conditions of private loans extended by banks and private lenders would vary widely. Grants are awarded by government for eligible students. Scholarships are offered by multiple organizations for students from diverse backgrounds. Detailed information is available in Financial Aid Office of the college and its website.

Biography Of Professor Dame Joan Stringer

Discover how Joan Stringer went from a part time lecturer at Sudbury Open Prison in Derbyshire, to the first woman leader of a Scottish university in 2003 and then a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2009.

Read on for a short biography of Professor Dame Joan Stringer.

Dame Joan Stringers Early Years

Dame Joan Stringer was born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1948 and after leaving school initially pursued a career in graphic design. At the age of 24 Joan Stringer realised that she still harboured unfulfilled educational goals and enrolled at Keele University to study a BA in history and politics. Upon graduating, Joan Stringer took up a part time lecturer at Sudbury Open Prison in Derbyshire. It was during this time that Dame Joan realised the unique effect education could have on people, especially those who had lost their way. The experience had a massive effect on Dame Joans future career path and the lives of the many prisoners she taught.

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Dame Joans full-time academic career began in earnest at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 1980 when she was appointed a lecturer in public administration. In 1986, she completed her PHD which investigated the efficiency of Britains industrial training policy. At Robert Gordon University she rose quickly through the ranks and in 1988 she was promoted to become Head of the School of Public Administration and Law. This promotion was closely followed by another in 1991 when Dame Joan became Assistant Principal of the university. Dame Joans time at Robert Gordon was a resounding success and amongst her many achievements she was heavily involved in the process which saw Robert Gordons gain full university status in 1992.

Queen Margaret University College

Upon leaving Robert Gordon University, Dame Joan joined Queen Margaret College in 1996 as Principal and Vice-Patron. She went about transforming the college and oversaw an increase in students from 2,500 to 3,800 and also secured research degree awarding status for the college in 1998. However, Dame Joan didnt rest on her laurels and in 1999 she finalised a deal for the new campus development at Craighall and also secured the award of University College status.

Edinburgh Napier University

In January 2003 Dame Joan was appointed Principal and Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University and in doing so became the first woman to head a Scottish University. During her time at Napier University, Dame Joan has helped the university become more financially independent, overseen multi million pound redevelopments of the Craiglockhart and Sighthill campuses and seen the university be voted the best for graduate employability by The Times and The Guardian.

Bias In Times Higher Education Ranking Of The Worlds Top Universities

The Times Higher Education and Quacquarelli Symonds THE-QS have just published the 2009 ranking of the Worlds Top Universities. We compared the ranking of the Worlds Top-25 Universities according to THE-QS with the 2008 Academic Ranking of World Universities ARWU.

Overall ranking: THE-QS 2009 versus ARWU 2008

The overall overlap of the two rankings is 72%, with 18 of the World’s Top-25 universities appearing in both the THE-QS and ARWU rankings. This means there are seven universities (more than one in four) that do not appear in each of the other lists.

THE-QS has many more British Universities than ARWU

There are twice as many British universities in the THE-QS ranking of the World’s Top-25 universities than in the ARWU. THE-QS finds that six (24%) of the World’s Top-25 universities are British compared to three (8%) for ARWU.

The difference is particularly striking for the Worlds Top-5 universities, where there are four British Universities in the THE-QS (University of Cambridge [2nd], University College London [4th], Imperial College London [5th] and University of Oxford [5th]) compared to only one for the ARWU (University of Cambridge [3rd]).

THE-QS has many fewer public US universities than ARWU

There is only one public US university University of Michigan in the THE-QS ranking compared to six public US universities in the ARWU ranking. The University of California is represented four times in the ARWU ranking (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco) and not once in the THE-QS ranking.

THE-QS is more international than ARWU

The THE-QS ranking of the World’s Top-25 universities includes more non-US universities than the ARWU ranking: 12 (48%) universities are non-US in THE-QS compared to 7 (28%) in the ARWU. In the THE-QS ranking, six countries are represented: US (13), UK (6), Japan (2), Australia (1), Canada (1), Switzerland (1) and Hong Kong (1). In the ARWU five countries are represented: US (18), UK (3), Japan (2), Switzerland (1) and Canada (1).

Stanford University

It is very striking to see that Stanford University is ranked 2nd in the world according to ARWU and only 16th according to THE-QS.

University of California – Berkeley

It is also striking to see that the University of California – Berkeley is ranked 3rd in the world according to ARWU and 36th according to THE-QS.

University College – London

Finally,University College – London is ranked 4th in the world according to THE-QS compared to only 22nd in the world according to ARWU.


The assessment highlights a number of important differences between the two major rankings of the World’s Top-25 universities. THE-QS, which is a British publication, is a more international ranking but it appears to have a bias for British universities and a bias against public US universities. In addition, two highly ranked universities in ARWU – Stanford (ranked 2nd) and Berkeley (ranked 3rd) – are ranked significantly lower by THE-QS.

Bharathiar University

Bharathiar Law University in Coimbatore Tamilnadu Government in the year of Feb 1982Bharathiar University, founded in act in the year of 1981 . Graduate Center for Madras University , which is based in Coimbatore before 1982 ,the university formed the core of the Bharathiar University. the college was recognized for the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi for fellowships in may 1985.

The university has a great genius national poet Subramania Bharat registered name with the slogan “to get to the top.” The Bharathiar University, each effort will be used to realize to the making of bharathiar dream the temple of education to achieve. This is the purpose of the university mission of the prints required for some skills ,knowledgeand values and creative attitudes of young people on the ground can be more effectively contribute to a just economic and social context, rather than religious ideals of our to reach the country.

Universities are located behind the hills of Western Ghats region Maruthamalai sprawling campus of 1000 acres. 15 km. Coimbatore City. Effective immediately, the university has 104 related colleges, 92 arts and science colleges, two colleges, 12 management institutions and an Air Force Administration College. In addition, there are 25 research institutes and government and central government, recognized by the university research. And all institutions that the educational needs of more than 1,50,000 students and researchers to serve.

Admission procedure:

Admission for Entrance test:

The choice was made on the implementation of the competitive examination and based on aptitude test (UG) to semesterII /
V qualifying of examination.aptitude test only takes place near the university. For more information see the brochure and website.

Direct admission:
Spot admission is the submission of the application, first come, first served.

How to apply;
The price for non-refundable application Once paid. Candidates can apply online (or) send download the application form on the website and the completed application is required to at-Rs.300 / pay – (for others) and Rs.150 / – (SC / ST candidates) may use from Bharathiar University City Centre at CSI Bishop. Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences, 129, a race track, Coimbatore – 18, personally.

At the end of each semester, full-time studies at the University of UG, PG and M. Phil. the students got 75% attendance in every semester and permitted to allow the university examination.. To succeed, students must ensure that at least 50% marks or PG and M. Phil. Exam and 40% of cases, and programs. Dual measurement must comply with all PG and M. Phil program. Case the difference between the first and second study of more than 14 characters, so the paper for the third set university Examiner .the result examination wing is fully automated to ensure confidentiality and to receive prompt service.

school of Distance Education:

School of Distance Education (SDE) and Bharathiar University was established in the academic year 1991-92.SDE have limited activity for obvious reasons, to strengthen the basis for a high quality education to insure. Application of the goal, the school began to expand its business by identifying and using research in the country of students clearly higher and higher literacy achievement.

The school currently has 202 centers in over 23 countries Research Centre together with online access to the center of the distribution and the number grows more and more interested in learning centers to grow.

School directly to candidates and personal contact with various programs, programs for personal contact (PCP)-center in Coimbatore. Study centers cum spot admission to the center, candidates and programs to register or a personal contact point average regional centre.the books materials ready Distance Education (December) to make, will form offer students, which makes for easy handling at all times and everywhere, not complete without the burden of the material. Planned training for video conferencing.

Best Multilingual Jobs For Multilingual Speakers

Are you in love with foreign languages? Do you dream of becoming a multilingual speaker? Its the right time for you to use your language skills to get the right multilingual job. Multilingual jobs have added a new dimension to the human resource sector; its the foreign countries where you would get some the best multilingual jobs. Starting from customer service to social services, there are ample numbers of jobs offered by the organizations or business firms recruiting multilingual speakers to expand their business in the global market. In todays world where competition is the only thing to survive, its very important to have the X factor along with your college or university degree.

With the increasing population with diverse languages throughout the world, most business firms or organizations have changed their approach of dealing with the global audience. Nowadays, more and more multilingual speakers are recruited by the organizations or business firms to deal with the non-English speaking clients. Therefore, learning a foreign language would not only make your resume strong but also to kick start your career. Lets discuss some of the best multilingual jobs offered by the employment sector.


Every business want to reach its target audience, organizations or companies always prefer to hire people with knowledge of foreign languages to deal with the global audience. Businesses which target the global audience also has offices all around the world, its the employees who speak the native languages and helps to sell the product or service to its prospective clients.

Health care industry

No matter what language you speak, you would have to go to the hospital when you get injured or become sick. Hospitals or health centers have to deal with million non-English speaking patients; its the major reason of recruiting multilingual speakers to deal with such situations. Starting from analyzing the patients symptoms to finding the detailed information of the patient, its the bilingual hospital workers who are responsible of such tasks.


Travel and tourism industry is one of the growing and developing industries recruiting more than millions od bilingual speakers every year. Guests or tourists bring business to this industry, its important for every hotels and resorts to have multilingual or bilingual employees who can communicate with the tourists and satisfies them in the best possible way.

Public utility services

Things become complicated when you are unable to make the other person understand your situation, its language barrier problem which sometimes makes the situation worse. Professionals involved with public utility services have to deal with everyday problems, its important for them to have some of the bilingual officers in their department who can make the situation easy.

So, if you are looking for a job where you can utilize your language skills, its the right time for you to apply and get the right job. Human resource industry has some of the Multilingual Speakers Jobs to shape the career of people. Its time for you to make your dream come true, grab the right multilingual job and dare to speak with the whole world.

Best International Schools In Bangalore

Bangalore is fast becoming a multi-racial, multi-cultural society and hence there is always an increasing demand for International Schools. Being truly international is determined by the curriculum followed, making it easier for children to adapt as parents shuttle between countries. Many international schools in Bangalore follow International programs like International Baccalaureate (IB), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and other American Curriculum. Many international schools in Bangalore feel that IB Diploma program is an entry card for placements to good professional colleges overseas.

According to many parents and teachers, International School curriculums integrate several methods largely US, UK and Canadian based. International Schools emphasize on extracurricular activities, good facilities, low teacher-student ratio, practical-based learning and balance between study and play. Many parents in Bangalore believe that the deciding factor should never be international tags, fancy brochures, attractive campus and glamorous talks. Bangalore has a privilege to be a host to many top International Schools of the country according to many parents and academicians.

A list of best International Schools in Bangalore includes the countries top like American Friendship Residential School, Akash International School, Bangalore International School, BGS International School, Buddhi School, Canadian International School, Dayananda Sagar International School, Deccan International School, Ebenezer International School, Freedom International School, Gitanjali International School, Greenwood High School, Gear Innovative International School, Gopalan International School, India International School, Indus International School, International Academy For Creative Teaching, Inventure Academy, Jain International Residential School, Mallya Aditi International School, Mission10x Wipro Ltd, Oasis International School, Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Primus Public School, Royale Concorde International School, Ryan Global School, Sarala Birla Academy, S G International School, South East Asian International School, Sri Devaraj Urs Internatonal Residential School, SSB International School, Swaminarayan International School, Stonehill International School, The International School Bangalore (TISB), TREAMIS World School, Trio World School, Vibgyor High- Bangalore, Venkat International Public School and Vidyashilp Academy.

The Canadian International School follows a Canadian International curriculum and has teachers from Canada and US, it also conducts a Montessori method for the kinder-garden section. The higher classes follow an Ontario Secondary School Program. The student body in this school is a mix and match of kids from various nationalities like Canada, Singapore, China, UK, France, Taiwan, Japan etc. Some good international schools like TRIO World School, Bangalore International School, The International School- Bangalore, National Academy for Learning International Schools, Mallya Aditi International School and Ebenezer International School follow the IGCSE International programs from pre-kinder-garden to grade 5 to grade 12. In most of these schools the child needs to complete 3 years of age by August when the session begins. Grades 9 and 10 follow the IGCSE program from Cambridge International University and 11 and 12 graders study another program the IB Diploma. Most of the schools mentioned above have both day scholars and residential boarders.

Some good international schools following the IB curriculum include Stonehill International School, Canadian International School- Bangalore, Indus International School, The International School Bangalore, Sarala Birla Academy and TREAMIS World School. Extracurricular activities in schools include swimming, squash, billiards, golf, horse riding, tennis, scrabble, dance, theatrics and in some schools even web design. Those children with good 10th standard grades and consistent academic record can do an IB Diploma.

Sessions of most International Schools in Bangalore start in August and admissions to international schools is open throughout the year.

Indus International School near Sarjapur, Bangalore offers IB, Primary Years Program up to Grade 5 and Cambridge Examination for Grades 9 and 10. They also offer IB Diploma program for grades 11 and 12. The campus is around 40 acres, spacious with mini stadium for track and field sports too. Inventure Academy follows both Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) and IGCSE, which makes it popular among parents and students. This international school has tennis and basketball courts, cricket pitch, football and hockey grounds. Many International Schools adhere to a maximum of about 30 kids per class to ensure proper attention and guidance to every child.

Another fairly new International School with good campus and facilities is TREAMIS World School near Electronic City. Students here have an opportunity to choose from either Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or IGCSE curriculum. They have a huge size swimming pool with patient instructors. Another school one could consider checking is Bangalore International School which started way back in 1969 and is truly international. Kids here follow the Cambridge International Primary Program and IGCSE and the school is known for its academics and extracurricular engagements. They also have a hostel facility, which is off campus; though authorities claim its well supervised.

If looking for best International schools in Bangalore, you need to visit and start the process by October or November. In most of the above schools, admission to Grade 6 and above is after a written test. For lower grades the schools usually meet the parents and child and decide. Keep the reports and recommendations from the childs previous school/playschools the child has attended at hand.

This article has been written by Amitava Sen Working for, one of the trusted sources for information about International schools in Bangalore.

Best B.ed College In Jammu University – Copy

B.Ed degree is one of the essential degrees for the requirement of teaching profile in India. The B.Ed degree is mandatory and most compulsory for the teaching in higher primary schools and high schools. You need minimum qualification for the B.Ed degree is Bachelor in any discipline course like B.A, BSc, B.Com and a like. While students from arts stream are trained to teach subjects like civics, geography, history and language. The students from science stream are trained to teach subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. This is the best way to give B.Ed education training according to the previous subjects of Bachelors degree.
Students who are interested to make their career in the teaching, they must go for the B.Ed degree. B.Ed degree is mandatory for the teaching profession otherwise you are not legible to apply for the post of teaching. B.Ed course is known as one of the most popular degrees for the teaching profile. B.Ed College in Jammu University, offers one year B.Ed degree course. Interested students are getting the good opportunity to apply for the B.Ed degree after completing Bachelors from different disciplines. B.Ed is the only degree which gives you more teaching job opportunities in India. Students are getting excellent exposure from B.Ed College in Jammu University, because students are properly guided by their expert B.Ed faculty. B.Ed education is totally different from what you learnt in your Bachelor degree, because B.Ed education is only to give you about the teaching concepts and to train you for teaching profile. Remember one thing dont take teaching job easy, its a big responsibility to be a teacher, because teacher is one who is the proud of nation. If you are looking your career in this profile, than you must take the pledge to get the admission in any B.Ed College in Jammu University and make your future in teaching profile.

Remember one important thing before selecting any college for B.ed degree, you must know over all about the college, about the B.Ed working faculty in the college, because this is important for you to know all these things before selecting any college. There are no limits of B.Ed College in Jammu University, but select the one which is best for you, where you will be able to full fill your choices. If you are searching the best B.Ed college in Jammu University than kindly stop your searching task, because we are here to help you to give you one of the best B.Ed college in Jammu University, where your dreams changes into reality. SCHOLARS GROUP College is the best B.Ed College in Jammu University with outstanding infrastructure and expert working faculty. Students of B.Ed education are getting excellent exposure from the college; this college has excellent academy record all the time.

Benefits Of Using Audio Visual In Schools Colleges And Training Education Centres

A projector can be mounted anywhere in the school and benefits such as lightweight screens re safer than very heavy plasma TVs. A projector can be linked into the computer and hence lessons and training can be delivered repeatedly and also added to and improved upon as the content develops.


Rear projection is a fabulous concept in many schools. When the school hall is used for games, and also assembly, and plays on the stage the rear projection can be a solution which one would never assume unless they were advised. Instead of a projector being mounted in the hall and projected onto the stage or turned by climbing ladders so that it can be used to project at assemblies there is another solution.


A rear screen projector would simply be mounted on the stage ceiling and the images projected from behind onto the screen to the assembly in the hall. Equally it can easily be turned to project scenes onto the stage for plays. A truely versitile solution.


A digital visualiser is am amamzing and surpisingly affordable piece of kit. Any object can be placed onto the visualiser and projected onto any screen. It will also take images from a computer and projoct onto the screen. The picture being displayed can be zoomed in on. The images are so clear and high in quality that if you placed a circuit board onto the visualiser you can zoom in and examine the individual components. This ensures that everyone in the classroom is able to enjoy the learning experience. Like all audio visual systems it links into a computer system where images and text can be saved for future reference.


An interactive whiteboard comprises of literally a white board which is linked to a computer, or a computer network. Files and applications from the computer can be displayed on the whiteboard.


However here is the interactive part. What is displayed on the board can be changed. You can write, draw, and make notes directly onto the whiteboard using either finger or a special pen and your work is then saved onto the computer or laptop, that the white board is connected to. This can be saved for future reference, printed out, or e-mailed.


The benefits of audio visual in education are as follows:


It allows the pupils to learn together or collaboratively regardless of age, gender, or creed.


The display is much bigger than the usual computer or laptop screen and therefore can be easily seen be all members of the learning group


The audio visual systems support a whole range of multimedia from a wide range of sources. Images, videos, podcasts, photographs, sounds can all be used from a range of sources. The sources can include cameras, computer networks, DVD, Moodle platforms, and basically anything that can be digitised.


Learning via audio visual such as interactive whiteboards and visualisers can benefit students who learn from repetition, and need to see material repeated and for students who are absent, for those struggling learners. Brief instructional blocks can be recorded for review by students then they will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher’s audio input.


The audio visual solution supports repetitive learning including the strategy adopted before examinations.


Lessons can continue over time as it is simple to pick up from where the last class ended.


The education establishment can improve performance of teaching based on the lessons learned and files saved on the audio visual products.


Future lessons can be improved upon regarding content for future pupils. This saves time and costs for the teachers and the establishment itself whether it is a school, college, university or commercial institute.


It is important if you decide to find a supplier that you use a fully trained installer who will be first and foremost fully aware of the health and safety aspects. This includes design, installation and commissioning the system. The system design is crucial as it should be designed around the demands of today but the anticipated needs of tomorrow. It needs to be scalable and from a company is insured qualified and experienced.